Saturday, June 10, 2017


Here in New York, EATALY is owned in a partnership that includes Mario Batali and Lydia, of TV cooking fame.

At about 50,000 square feet it’s actually not the largest EATALY in this country. 

Chicago has that honor at 63,000 feet, and there are others smaller in Los Angeles and Boston.

The basic concept is by an Italian businessman named Oscar Farinetti.

He opened the first EATALY in Turin in 2007. 
Our 23rd Street shop opened in 2010.

The offerings generally represent the very best their buyers can find.

But Oscar isn’t actually a food guy.

His previous success was in consumer electronics.

The chain is growing. 

There’s a store in Brazil, three in Japan, two in Dubai, two in South Korea, one in Denmark, one in Germany and one in Turkey.

This store is in Milan. 54,000 feet opened in 2014.

There are 28 EATALY’s all over the world, 
and 18 of them are in Italy.

Because of course they are.

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