Monday, June 5, 2017

London needs a bolder public

London Mayor Sadiq Khan got it wrong when he said “city people will just have to get used to terrorism.” 

This is actually incorrect. We do not. 

He also said terror attacks are “part and parcel” of urban living. 

They are not, actually. And he is wrong to try to make it normal.

Over the weekend Police arrested more than a dozen people in east London with enough connection to this terror that they were arrested under current British law. The first 12.

Imagine 24 more in the same community intimately associated with those 12. And another 48 living in the same buildings, worshipping at the same Mosque and having the same certain knowledge through conversation, but they keep what they know to themselves. 

Acknowledging religious, extremist behavior with politically correct normalization is a part of why this problem is growing. 

So Mayor Khan, I disagree, I say we'd better get alarmed soon and nobody ever should get used to this. As a leader you are inspirationally backwards.

London needs a bolder public; generous and respectful but less afraid of frank talk, if that’s what it takes to clean house in the Muslim community.

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