Friday, May 12, 2017

it’s not so black and white

Impeachment has a modest but important history in the United States.

President John Tyler vetoed a bill in 1841 as was his right, but the House was pissed and decided to show him who was really boss. He narrowly escaped impeachment in the Senate because they simply couldn’t gather the votes.

President Andrew Johnson actually was impeached in 1867 but again, only by the House. He fired his Secretary of War, an act that then required the support of Congress. Again, the Senate couldn’t assemble the votes needed to actually remove him.

President Richard Nixon was the guy we loved to hate, but he had the good sense to resign before he was inevitably impeached. Breaking into Democratic headquarters, stealing documents and then orchestrating a lying coverup will do that. He was gone by 1974.

President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House in 1998, but not because of the oral conversation he had with Monica Lewinsky. 

He was disbarred and charged with obstruction of justice for lying and blackmailing others into lying for him. Again, the Senate failed to act. A semen stain on a blue GAP dress was used as evidence to link Clinton to Lewinsky during his very classy presidency.

And President Trump?

If general assholery and incompetancy are criteria for removal he is already guilty as charged and the Democrats just need to assemble the votes. 

Or if Russian connections appear treasonous to enough Republicans he may have the fight of his life on his hands.

Stand by and have a great weekend!

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