Sunday, May 21, 2017

Home Street fixer downer

Founded in 1910 as the HOME STREET Presbyterian Church, this building served an English and Scottish congregation until the 1970’s when the growing Puerto Rican community was welcomed in.

Disagreements cropped up within the Caribbean membership attributed to “cultural differences or idiomatic understandings...”

Unfortunately, the Latin community cleaved and a long simmering disagreement developed for “control and ownership” of the congregation as the English and Scottish families moved on. 

Then all hell broke loose when it was discovered that the Church treasury had been pilfered--to use the member's phrasing-- as “the personal bank account of a handful of officers.”

With the money swindled and nothing for maintenance,
the boiler failed in winter. 

There was an electrical fire, the pipes froze, water damage was significant and the Puerto Rican congregation moved to other nearby churches.

Then the stained glass and the interior woodwork was stolen.

You can read this remarkable story here:

Soon, the 117 year old stone walls with be demolished
 to make way for 64 affordable apartments.
Body Lawson Associates

Could you qualify for one?

Let us Pray!

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