Monday, April 10, 2017

angel under contract doing grueling one night stands

Jerry Seinfeld once said of nightclub Catch a Rising Star
 “It just smelled like show business in there.”
Indeed. I remember.

In the late 1970’s I did the lighting, managed and designed sound for a Catch tour with Pat Benatar and Richard Belzer doing stand up.

Joe Piscopo, Robin Williams and David Brenner we’re all part of that tour at different times. We were out for a year and a half all over the country.

My best pal was the pianist, Rodney Hausen. 

We bunked together in the hotels. He drank my scotch. Rod was insanely talented. I just learned he died some years ago.

This is a very rare sound recording of Pat and Rod in the studio doing a Roy Orbison classic about 1978. 

It was our usual, pre-show sound check and I've heard it live hundreds of times. 

You should hear it at least once.

Take a moment and listen to one of the best pop female voices of the era as you have never heard her before.

No pop star sings like this anymore. RIP Rod.

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