Tuesday, February 28, 2017

notes from the underground

Trump Tower is not our first local “White House.”

President John F. Kennedy stayed at New York’s Carlyle Hotel so often it was known as "the New York White House" during his administration.

He owned an apartment on the 34th floor.

After his 1962 birthday party at Madison Square Garden where Marilyn Monroe famously sang Happy Birthday...

...the President reportedly used a warren of tunnels to enter the Carlyle secretly with Marilyn and his friends.

The NYPost reported the mob tried to extort him through an informant but the FBI found not enough evidence to be “solid.”

Swap Russia for the mob and it sounds familiar.

If this Presidency makes you uneasy let’s not forget
 we have seen compromise before. 

Longtime Carlyle bellman Michael O'Connell said to the newspapers, 
"Those tunnels...
President Kennedy knew more about the tunnels than I did.”  

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