Saturday, December 17, 2016

plugging leeks

Of all the onions I love shallot and leek the most. 
Leek and potato soup has disputed origins.

Make 2 or 3 liters of stock with the chopped and well washed green tops and two chicken bouillon cubes.

Some say Vichyssoise is French. Others say it’s an American invention, named “French” for marketing purposes.

Either way, it is warm, creamy and more delicious than the simple steps would appear.

Many versions use heavy cream. I do not.

Soften the chopped, clean white part of the leeks in the butter over very low heat while your stock bubbles to peak flavor, about 30 minutes.

Cover with strained stock and allow it to bubble gently covered for about 35 or 45 minutes.

Add stock as necessary, just make sure it is cooked so well that the vegetables are falling apart.

Add fresh ground pepper. Blend to a warm, autumnal pureé.

Mmmm. The bouillon adds just enough salt.

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