Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you Captain

In all the ways that count, American Muslim Humayun Khan was a really terrific guy.

A naturalized, funny American kid with an ability to connect, he rose to Captain in the military and was actually killed on his day off.

He did high school and college like his friends and then shipped out to Iraq where he was responsible for hundreds of young soldiers guarding a fortified compound storing weapons.

But on that day, and despite having it off, he went outside the fence to check on his soldiers pulling security detail.

A vehicle appeared out of nowhere speeding towards the compound but instead of running back inside, Captain Khan took about 10 steps towards the car and held his palm up, ordering it to stop. 

The car detonated in a explosion killing him, but before it could reach the gates and mess hall where his fellow soldiers were eating breakfast.

He was 2 years old when he immigrated here,
 and 27 when he died.

Sometimes life will take your child and give a gold star banner
 to hold in your arms instead.

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