Saturday, October 15, 2016

into the mouth of the wolf

First there was the Bruckner, then the Clock became Charlies; 
Ceetay opened on Alexander and now we are blessed with 
La Grata, woodfired pizza right around the corner.

Italian Executive Chef Erminio Conte has been around the block a few times, so he brings the highest quality ingredients to his new home on Alexander.

The store itself is spare industrial chic: 
cool tile, concrete, glass and steel with dueling, 
wood-burning ovens to warm things up.

We started with the Burrata pugliese, $14, 
a large, tender ball of cheese so spectacularly fresh we barely noticed the oven-softened, cherry tomatoes underneath. 

Of course we ate them. :-)

Her pepperoni $16 was terrific, the grainy, chewy meat noticably superior to the usual pizza joint.

And the crusts are just-right thin, perfectly crispy and spotted with authentic, delicious black wood char.

Erminio said the whole process takes about 90 seconds 
in the withering hot ovens.

My dining companion was just back from Milan and she said the Margherita there was not as good as this one, $11.

Plus, the service has a familiar face here and there, so I suggest you get over there right now because La Grata is going to get busy.

In bocca al lupo!

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