Monday, October 3, 2016

can you hear me now?

So we find ourselves with 1) an embarrassing blowhard with no political experience, 2) a lifetime politician so marginally criminal she’d be in jail had her husband not been president, and,

3) a 3rd party candidate who can’t name a foreign leader.

How the hell did we get here? 

Anyone who earns more than $389,000 a year is in the top 1%.

But get this: 
almost half the entire country pays no federal income tax AT ALL. 

In fact the top 40% pays out 86.5% of all federal taxes, trying to make up for the half that is not paying.

And still the middle class is so fed up many are supporting a deeply flawed candidate who promises broad reform. 

(with no clue how to actually effect it.)

Our Democracy is no longer functioning.

But with nearly half the voters supporting an ignorant, bigoted poseur as salvation from business as usual, we’d better start listening.


  1. Yes! This sums up how I feel about the candidates. Well done, Gregory!

  2. One is just a low-rent embarassment, Zef. But the other makes me sick to my stomach. I'm still trying to build a case why two of the most brilliant politicians (but poorest quality human beings to occupy the WhiteHouse) should be given another residency.