Saturday, September 17, 2016

the six easy flavors of Gion Kobu 祇園甲部

Try to find Kyo Kinana ice cream in Kyoto without an iPAD and you are screwed.

With active maps and real-time guidance, Selina actually found an ice cream parlor so lost on a back alley off the main drag in Gion, we grew confused in our sense of direction.
With a brochure, a Fodor’s and a hotel map like in the old days, this place would not have been found.

But she found it. Amazing. We went in.

The ice cream here is an art.
Roast soybean, sweet red bean, black sesame, black sugar syrup, powdered green tea and mugwort. Six flavors.

So fine. With hot tea.
You might wonder how the Geishas can eat this insanely rich and delicious product and still stay kimono slim. That’s easy.

They take the stairs.

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