Friday, September 30, 2016

tempus fugit on a Friday night

I really love “sittin’-on-the-sofa-huggin’-your-honey” kinda music. Late night, dark room, candles burning, like that.

1950‘s Chet Baker comes to mind. So does “Poetic Champions Compose” from 1987.

About three years ago Smokey Robinson layed down one of his best, 2009’s spectacular “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.” 

Wait for the right honey, the right sofa and the right moment, then click on the YouTube below.

“Father time, won't you slow down tonight?
Mother Nature is taking her course.

You know I'm feeling more than alright.
And my lovin' baby, you're the loving source.

Have you ever been involved and doing something?
And you don't want it to stop,
you hope it's never done.

Like the old saying goes, everybody knows."

"Time flies when you're having fun.”

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