Thursday, September 8, 2016

anything that can go wr...

Fans of New York City geography know the Harlem River---which flows right past our door--- connects the East River to the Hudson River northwest of here by Riverdale and makes Manhattan an island.

It turns out that all the Harlem River Bridges too low to pass under are built to swivel out of the way, beginning with this one at Spuyten Duyvil by the Hudson.

It carries the AMTRAK train line just feet above the water, and I was up on the Henry Hudson Bridge this Summer to watch it happen.

This railroad bridge appears to stay open to allow water traffic to ride in and out. 

Do you hear a train coming?

When the motors kick in the bridge shudders, then groans and starts to swing closed.

It aligns into place just...



Good thing the whole operation is probably timed by computers.

Anything that can go wr...^D^D panic[cpu#0] thread=0X30053e80:zero     dump aborted.

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