Monday, August 8, 2016

takes one to know one

Price gas high enough and people will turn to two wheels.
 Guerrilla bikes are a way of life in Europe.

All over London, rows of high-speed, high mileage machines made this visiting New Yorker’s mouth water.

I met this guy in Brighton, up from Germany on a BMW R1100RS.

But where bikes go, so can the occasional mishap.

And what better way for help to arrive quickly than on a motorcycle itself?

The Smithfield Ambulance Station in London is just such a service, using repurposed Honda ST-1300’s as EMT vehicles.

Marketed in Europe as the “Pan European”, this Honda is quiet and powerfully smooth and bulletproof reliable, and it carries a load of emergency equipment with ease.

Take a fall and skin your knee?

Smithfield will come to get you.

Happy Monday!

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