Saturday, August 6, 2016

fried and gone to heaven

Ten of eleven Summer weekends have been sunny but corn waits for no man, so I made corn fritters on that one rainy Sunday afternoon. 

The wormhole is good news, by the way: worms like good corn and it also means no pesticide, right?

You’ll need 28 or 30 ounces of fresh canola oil, ¼ cup of flour and some salt, 2 eggs, a couple scallions and a Jalapeño pepper. Mince the scallions and the pepper to a fine dice.

Slice about 2 cups of fresh kernels from the cob,
 then break them up.

Now the batter: mix the scallion and the Jalapeño, both eggs, ½ teaspoon of the salt, the flour and a healthy grind of reggiano if you have it.

Blend in the corn and you’re good to go. But wait!

Soon we'll have a huge pot of searing oil on hand, 
so why not fry some chicken too?

I happened to buy a flat of drumsticks from the WesternBEEF just the day before. 

Good timing! 

Salt and pepper the chicken fairly heavily and then dredge them in some flour.

Since the fritters would be eggy, I used milk to thin plain yogurt for a lighter coating.

Then into panko.

Coat them well and stack them to the side. 

Now pour a cold beer. 
This is essential. 

Things are going to heat up quickly going forward!

Be generous with your fresh oil, the hotter (without burning) the better. Heat until it shimmers and just before it begins to smoke.


Slip a large spoonful of the fritter batter into the shimmering hot oil, CAREFULLY, and let the oil fry the bottom undisturbed to bind the fritter together.

Flip it gently and try not to splash. Hot and crunchy with fresh, steamy kernels, omg these simple fritters are just heavenly!

The chicken, as you might guess, takes somewhat longer.

Keep an eye on them and don’t let them burn.
I undercooked the first round and had to put them back for a few minutes more.

When they are getting really brown, flip them over.

These are every bit as crunchy good as they look!

So you see?

A rainy Summer weekend is no problem. 

With good corn you can just fritter it away. :-)

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