Thursday, August 4, 2016

checks and balances

When the LOLA called me back in late 2009 to shoot slackliner, Adi Carter, I jumped at the chance.

It paid a decent fee and I had just signed my lease, so I could shoot on the roof for a calendar they were planning.

Adi’s famous in the ropewalking community and you can see a lot more of her here:

The art director wanted a gritty, urban shoot and our South Bronx has plenty of that. 

So she tied off a strap to the chain link anchors and I set up portable lighting.

And we got started!

Adi was good, a real pro, never complained, 
always gave me “just one more.”

The Calendar launched in late December and they sent me a PDF copy.

We got October, which was nice.

It’s my birthday month.

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