Tuesday, July 19, 2016

come on in, the water's fine

A week away has given time to reflect on Black Lives Matter, the national war on cops and on things we once had in common. 

America was settled and founded by provincial attitudes that honored family, and with strong work ethics that lauded independence.

Now we struggle though this awful period of young black men lost at the hands of the cops and Police assassinations that rip healthy families apart. Honesty, pride and carrying your own weight are not characteristics of a skin color or a country of origin. 

Holding your Mother and Father in honor because they gave you life is not some ethnic ideology. And respecting a badge earned by anyone of any color should be an acknowledgement of their hard work and achievement. These are values that bind us as a nation.

It is not our range of complexion that keeps us apart, but disparate language and values so incompatible we will never live as one until we regroup first as Americans.

“Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” are welcome, she says, but the freedom to live in America while rejecting our values and language is a politically correct faultline we’ve created within ourselves. 

If we are to continue as one nation, under God-or-not, we must not discourage our legal immigrants who are the source of our greatness and strength from embracing our manners and learning our common language.

Without assimilation we erect cultural, religious and linguistic barriers that keep our residents from becoming full participants in the country they have elected to call home. 

When we hold being proudly American above all other loyalty and set our differences aside, we can begin to heal our sadly wounded country.

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