Friday, June 10, 2016

low bidder wins!

Interior Designers earn about 20% of their overall budget.

An architect will invoice about 7% for designing a multimillion dollar house.

And genius Norman Seabrook may have just thrown away a 21 year career and a cushy retirement for .3%.

Not 3%. Three tenths of ONE percent.

Prosecutors say Seabrook agreed to illegally invest $20 million in union retirement funds in a struggling hedge-fund, earning a $60,000 kickback delivered in a Ferragamo bag. 

Seabrook's arrest is the latest development in a growing corruption probe into the fundraising practices of another city genius, the mayor.


Court documents reveal an angry Seabrook complained 
"It’s about time Norman Seabrook got paid.”


Oh, he’ll get paid alright. Take a closer look.

This is what criminal stupidity looks like.

(Please have a smarter weekend than these guys.)

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