Thursday, June 23, 2016

lost its Roots

For those too young to remember the wry intelligence of Jack Paar or the impeccible standards of Johnny Carson, you’d be forgiven to think Fallon is in their league.

He is not.

What Jimmy Fallon does best of all is pander.

Haven't you noticed?

EV-ery one is the BEST and EV-ery thing is hilariously funny, to the point where his insincerity and need to be loved just makes me cringe.

Throw in his stupid drinking games and antics worthy of Ms. Marples third grade assembly, and we have the first ever Tonight Show-lite.

An entire *thing* has developed around his fake laugh!

But Fallon remains the undisputed king of late-night TV ratings-wise.

Kimmel has been hanging in with help from the NBA finals.

The true heir apparent to the insightful intelligence and the political wisdom of what was once late night tv?

But Colbert's so down in the ratings he’ll be lucky to be renewed.

Maybe a fake laugh in a fat suit is what the people really want?

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