Monday, May 23, 2016

wooden you?

Four years older than our own 1886 ClockTower, Sylvan Terrace looks very much as it did when built in 1882.

Constructed in the heart of Harlem, it was the carriage house path to the Morris Jumel mansion, built in 1765.


This stand of 20 near perfect wooden houses is complete with the original Belgian cobblestones paving the street.

Landmarks Commission

Sylvan Terrace survived well through the turn of the century, but by the 1960’s it was almost lost to the elements under garish aluminum siding and bad paint. 

But in 1970 an historic district was created and the lucky homeowners accepted significant funding to restore the lost woodwork, waterproofing and other details.

And in 1981 they accepted yet another $400,000 in Federal Community Development Funds to return the landmark block to its orginal color scheme of yellow, green and brown.

I’d take the money, but these would not have been my choices.

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