Monday, March 28, 2016

your job is next


Rock stars used to be the “rock stars” in our culture.

Architects were rock stars for awhile.

Top Chefs hold that honor at the moment.

We still expect to pay for buildings and good food. 

But top flight music? Not so much.

Each play across ad-funded streaming in 2015
including Spotify, YouTube, TIDAL, Apple Music and Pandora
 paid an average of $0.0051 to the artist.

200 plays now pays about a penny.

That’s down by more than 38% on 2013’s $0.0081 figure.

We are starving our working musicians simply because we can.

So you better pray the internet doesn’t give us a chance
 to fuck you out of your income, too.

Because we will.

We used to love our rock stars.

But this is who we’ve become. 

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