Saturday, November 21, 2015

sparing squid

While a vocal few here in the Piano District continue their obstruction to a cleaner, safer hood, ex-ClockTower resident Andra Tomsa is pushing for positive change.

Her “Spare” start up is ingenious, and lends a way for us all to help with New York’s food crisis.

Benefitting City Harvest and the Food Bank, her mobile app facilitates a simple round up from your bar or restaurant check to the next highest dollar amount.

That’s it.

It’s featured here at Charlies.

Co-founded and techno-fueled by the incomparably stylish Rameet Chawla, Spare brings easy charity and common sense to an arena long underserved by the general population.

Here’s your chance. Download the app.

In the meantime I’ll handle spare stuff, too. 

mostly ribs.

and grilled squid. Always seafood.

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