Thursday, November 5, 2015

so over the rainbow

A trip to the UK has been in discussion 
for a few months now. 

All that remained was the sign it’s time to go.

That sign appeared to me this week, the worst news in many years.

Guinness is changing. Can you believe this?

Walk any alley in London and you’ll find fresh Guinness on tap to make you swoon.

But for 256 years Guinness has used isinglass, a kind of dried fish swim bladder to filter their stout, and so that excluded vegans.

To broaden their appeal they’ll be using mechanical filters beginning next year.

So now’s the last time to sample the real thing in the real place before politically correct Guinness takes its place.

Maybe it’ll taste the same. I’ll let you know.
covent garden

There’s always hope.

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