Tuesday, November 10, 2015

all hands on desk

Few furnishings have the charm of an antique children’s desk.

Designed and manufactured about 50 years ago by Eastman, we found this set on a road trip through Connecticut, beat up but still intact.

The original Eastman decal was still there, too, a good sign.

Both desk and chair were scarred but we should all look this good after 50 years of wear.

The first step is take it all apart and begin to sand.

Three fans evacuated dust while elbow grease slowly removed a half century of poor quality refinishes.

I took the chair apart to a collection of little wooden pieces.

Chair legs were sanded clean and smooth.

Numbering the spindles assured they went back into the same holes.

And I kept the connection points clean so glue would stick well in the final reassembly.

And one old furniture refinishing trick!

Toothpicks in the screw holes assure all the screw joints will stay tight.

A waxy stain finish, modern charging cables and final assembly are coming soon!


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