Thursday, October 22, 2015

just stop


It’s like a miracle: question your phone and the correct answer is almost immediate.

But this wonder comes with a dark side, too, 
the price we pay for this “free” service.

OK Google announced recently it actually records, 
keeps and archives everything you say into its app.

Siri on the iPhone keeps these recordings for 2 years.

Cortana in Windows doesn’t actually say how long she keeps your voice on file. 

But she does. 

If it seems creepy they are monitoring and storing every detail about you, that’s a good thing. 

It means you haven’t lost your privacy bearings yet.

But even if you turn Google “Voice Activity” off, 
Google still records your voice.

It still archives the recordings, too.

It just tags them with an anonymous identifier so only a subpoena can link it back to your account.

If you hope Apple, MicroSoft and Google will stop recording you, I’m afraid you are out of luck. 

They won't.

Well. There is one solution.

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