Saturday, August 29, 2015

dizzy on deepfried poultry

With an odd name and a Westfield, New Jersey location,
 Korean-fusion “RoosterSpin” really delivers.

The concept is based on double-fried chicken in an industrial setting, and with DJ’s spinning old vinyl.

I started with a sweet and murky sugar cane drink
 infused with algae.

It was odd. 

Imagine Kermit’s bath water served up cold and sweet. 

But the food is actually terrific. 

It has creative intelligence behind it and you can sense the care in translating fusion flavors.

Crispy soft shell crab: creamy and delicious.

Fresh and bright, with an excellent sesame-mango dressing.

Only the steamed, vegetable dumplings were familiar, 
more authentic than adventurous.

But the spicy tuna was outstanding. 

And the star of the show was the crunchy chicken, 
six garlic-y and six insanely hot.

The service is good and the interior is fun. 

I especially liked the glassy string-lights room divider, 
a play on Asian paper lanterns.

I’d go back...just one hour west of SoBro on NJT 
for flavors you’ve never tasted!

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