Wednesday, June 3, 2015

chop n’shop

Back in 1990 when the BRONX was a car theft capital, there used to be something called a 30-Day Special. It worked like this:

1. Steal a car.

2. Hide it out of sight for 30 days. 

Either in the country...

or some clever place within the city. 

3. Strip it down to the frame and put the almost worthless, stripped shell back on the street where the cops can find it.

4. After a month, most car insurance companies write a stolen car off and cut a check to the victim for its replacement value. 

So the original owner is covered.

5. But now the stripped-down car goes to auction because no one wants an empty shell. 

But the thief does.

6. So he gets an accomplice to buy the shell at auction for scrap value, literally next to nothing. 

7. Then they reassemble the car!

8. So now he has the complete car again, but better!

 With a clean title.


But be careful! 

Although car theft is rising...

This is also known as Grand Larceny Auto —-- a felony!

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