Friday, April 10, 2015

better even, than stealing home

With newspaper revenue tanking 
they’ll take any sales they can get.

Professional baseball has an advantage; they can block televised home games to ensure their stadiums fill.

According to a recent report in the LA Daily News, 70% of the LA basin is blocked from watching Dodger baseball on tv.

So the newspaper came up with a novel way to make their paper really worth buying!


They published a tutorial, believe it or not, 
on how to unlawfully get around the tv block.

MajorLeagueBaseball and TimeWarnerCable are outraged. 

They expect media giants to stand in each others corners.

But not only did the newspaper explain to their readers how to trick TimeWarner into thinking you are not a Los Angeles subscriber, they even published the link to an IP address-masking service that does it for you.

For $5 more a month, of course.

When the ship is going down, 
you find out who your real friends are.

Have a great weekend.

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