Wednesday, March 18, 2015

they can’t feel you

By now you’ve heard that Kappa Rho Delta at Penn State created a secret FaceBook page displaying unconscious, naked women in their frat house.

Now they are facing criminal charges.

1. College guys have always had cameras but didn’t tend to act on this kind of unethical trespass. 

Apparently, now they do.

2. Even if long ago some jerk took a naked photo without permission, he wasn’t stupid enough to post it on a public pin-up board with clues leading back to him. 

Apparently, now he is.

3.  Regular users of social media will read this story and shrug. Young people just expect this. 

So there is noticeable impairment to emotional compassion since the advent of social media.


Students didn't think this way. 

Now they do.

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