Friday, March 6, 2015

net result

The FCC classifying the internet as a “utility” last week will be beneficial to many.

But just as ConEd has no liability for how we use their electricity, the ISP’s will now have no liability for what travels on their networks.

They cannot shape their traffic anymore, balancing loads trying to get optimal service to everyone. 

If you use the network a lot less, you should pay less, no? And if you use it a lot more, like streaming video or bit torrent, you should pay more for all the bandwidth you use. 

Makes sense?

Nope. Not anymore. 

Light users will now underwrite heavy users by paying the same price.

You won’t be able to pay to get a better connection either, nor buy a faster upload, or get a prioritized delivery of the data you want to send the way the Post Office can give you options. 

No more options. Now we get what we get.

With all data treated equally, EMT’s waiting at an accident for medical records are no more of a priority than the Twitter boys who were abusing Curt Schiller’s daughter this week.

And a panel of 45 economists from MIT, Harvard and Yale agreed that we can probably expect a drop in speed investment by the telecom’s. 

Now they can’t charge more for custom service, 
so why invest more to provide something better in the first place?

Be careful what you wish for. 
And have a good weekend.

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