Sunday, January 18, 2015

in the end

Government policy around the world says murder carried out in the name of Mohammed has nothing to do with Islam.


George Bush took pains after 9/11. Tony Blair said the same after their 7/7 subway bombing and Australian leader Tony Abbott repeated it again after the attack in Sydney, just last month.

David Cameron also said it after two Islam extremists cut the head off a British soldier in London.

When aid worker Alan Henning was beheaded in the Islamic State, again government made this distinction.  


French President Fran├žois Hollande said it after 
Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher grocery massacre.


Our transit authority has had a campaign since 9/11 that creates a more binary approach to crowdsourced, collective safety. 

And Muslims live in communities.

They shop at the same Halal food markets and worship at the same mosques. To pretend the culture and community is not aware of what they hear and know from the ground up is just disingenuous.

Islam must take the front lines by virtue of their insider perspective, and share their knowledge with law enforcement on a routine, daily basis.

Anything less and in the end, 
we’ll see where true Muslim allegiances lie. 


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