Tuesday, January 20, 2015

got MLK?


“Thank God almighty, free at last” has new meaning when you consider how expensive it is to use Martin Luther King’s words.

Shouldn’t his inspiring speeches belong to us all?


Far from it, in fact.

King copyrighted his “I have a DREAM” speech and sued companies for selling recordings the public wanted.


Today, to watch this historical address from the 1963 March on Washington, you can pay $20 to buy the DVD from an online shop under the control of his heirs.


They took this to a whole new level by demanding an $800,000.00 licensing fee for their father to be honored in a Washington DC monument.


So now USA Today has written an editorial about how King’s friends have tried to convince his kids they are tarnishing his legacy with blatant commercialization.

Should we pay his children everytime we crave his 
soaring inspiration?

Where would King have been without
 civil disobedience?

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