Friday, October 17, 2014

what’s in a name?


The Bruckner Bar at #1 Bruckner Boulevard has a long and storied history, named after Henry Bruckner.

Bruckner made his money in mineral water in the 1890’s then rose through Bronx politics to become Bronx Borough President in 1918.

But what’s this? His name is painted out.

New awnings are in place.

Now the old bar appears to honor Jordan Mott, founder of Mott Ironworks and namesake of Mott Haven.

...we’re in MOTT HAVEN?

The ClockTower and #1 Bruckner are in Port Morris. 

We’re “in the pink,” see?

Gouverneur Morris was a Bronx mover, shaker and railroad builder in the 1800’s.

He built the Harlem River Railroad, St. Anne’s Church and the Bronx neighborhood Morrisania still bears his name.

So should this actually be the Port Morris Bar?

Shakespeare would not have cared.

Good Luck Rosa!

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