Monday, October 6, 2014

Cash is king

Marriott is being hailed in the Bronx these days as some kind of savior. 


Because they are building a 125 room hotel in the Pelham section of the Bronx, the first of its kind.

Then why did the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) fine them $600,000 cash last Friday?

Because they did an incredibly lowlife thing in Tennessee, that’s why.


Their employees at a Nashville Marriott used monitoring technology to identify their guest’s cell phones, tablets and laptops, and then secretly jammed their data-plan so they couldn’t get online.

No Problem! said the Marriott. 

Pay us between $250 and $1000 and you can use OUR fee-based wifi instead!


Except that’s illegal you see, a problem the FCC looked into.

Bear in mind Marriott is a $12.7 billion dollar company. 

To contextualize that $600,000, 
if you earn $100,000 a year that fine was the equivalent of $4.69. 

Or about the same as 2 hotdogs at Papaya King.

Hey Marriot.

W’re not quite as genteel here in the Bronx as you’ll find in Tennessee.

Try that in your new Pelham hotel 
and you’ll need more than Cash.


Happy Monday!

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