Wednesday, September 24, 2014

stop horsing around

It’s no secret animal rights money helped put our mayor into office.

It is also well known he promised to shut our carriage trade down on “day one.”

He’s failed so far, and that’s a good thing for New York.

According to a Quinnipiac poll ⅔’s of all New Yorkers want the mayor to drop it, and pay attention to real issues. 

That’s a landslide.


Homelessness has increased every month 
since the mayor took office back in January.


Despite support for the horses from veterinarians and celebrity, the Mayor plows ahead with new plans for a “pathway to an ultimate ban.”


The Mayor is wrong on this issue. 

I don’t care if he owes this favor to deep pockets that helped elect him. 

Our carriage horses have excellent nutrition and quality shelter, plus regular medical care and 5 weeks guaranteed vacation every year in leafy pastures.

 While our homeless prepare for winter, 
the mayor lumbers on.

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