Saturday, August 30, 2014

(two shakes of) a lamb’s tale

In recent years I’ve a tendency to overcook meat on the grill.

There’s something about the smoke and heat and flame
 (and the beer) 
that gets away from me now. 

But lamb, especially the rib, is delicate and very tender.

So this time we didn’t cut them into chops first, we left the entire breast whole and soaked it for grilling in herbs. 

We chopped fresh mint and red onion, then added spices clockwise from 12 noon:

Garam Masala, chopped fresh mint, dried red chilies, chopped fresh parsley, cumin, red onion and hot paprika in the middle. All, into the blender.

Then overnight in the fridge.

The grill should be searingly hot to crust the outside but leave the chop very rare.

It doesn’t take long, four minutes on the top plus...

Maybe three or so, on the bottom.

Yeah, that’s it. 
But just in case your timing’s bad like mine?
Always have a backup plan.

Happy Labor Day!

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