Monday, August 25, 2014

grease is the word

Remember those little mesh, Chinese finger traps we played with when we were kids?

ConEd remembers.

They used an industrial version to pull cables through our street.

Your toaster uses 120volts. This cable carries 13,000. They were pulling three of these at once.

But not for us! This will bring more power into Manhattan.

When friction takes over and things bog down, 
lube comes to the rescue.

This particular pull was to about halfway to Alexander Avenue.

Down there by the red arrow.

I got to the other truck just in time to see the mesh reappear.

Gooey white and slippery, but intact.

Someday jobs like these will be lost to new technology.

Probably sooner than we think., 2013

Happy Monday!

addamsfamily, 1964

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