Friday, August 22, 2014


Locking a bike safely in New York is bloodsport. 

No wonder Kryptonite markets one of their best named after us.

But the lock alone is not enough.

A practiced thief knows how to pry the cylinder.

Or snip through the cable.

Or just twist until it snaps.

It helps to visualize what a thief might see as daunting.

The best way is to grab the frame, rear tire and a steel pole with the U-Lock, plus a cable threaded through the front wheel. 

(That nifty water bottle was gone the second day,
 nicked in front of the Western Beef.)

A second cable helps to be a pain in the ass, so they move on to easier prey. 

This one locks to the rear basket and circles several times through the frame and seat post so the bicycle can’t fall over.

Editor Brad Quartuccio of bike magazine URBAN VELO says:

 “Locking technique is more important than 
how much you spend on a lock.”

He may be on to something.

Have a great weekend!


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