Wednesday, August 6, 2014

a tire by another other name would smell as


Just south of 37th Street along Broadway in midtown Manhattan is a tall, black rubber, very cool, sculptural something or other.

It’s fabricated from sliced auto tire riveted to a stainless steel armature, so it feels organic in the style of an insect or something that lives in the sea.

The artist is Chakaia Booker, a tall, 50-something African American woman of high style and imposing physical strength.

Says the artcore journal: 
“Her ability to link stereotypically masculine industrial objects – such as tires and steel — 
with the traditionally viewed feminine craft of weaving excels in these public works.”

This piece is wonderful but it’s not “GRIDLOCK” as the placard says it is.

This is actually “SHAPE SHIFTER”, another of her works as identified here.

They are all part of the SENTINEL installation along Broadway in the 30’s.

This is what GRIDLOCK actually looks like.

Perhaps the installation team got the info panels mixed up.

Might have been tired. 

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