Saturday, August 16, 2014

6,737 miles


It’s been a couple years since I tried the Ippudo ramen in Tokyo and posted here about the meal:


Last Sunday we tried the Ippudo here in New York, on 4th Avenue about 10th Street, just down from Webster Hall.

We joined a line and waited about 15 minutes, then we were seated at a big open rectangular soup bar filled with burnt driftwood.

The private booths are fairly calm.

The open dining room is not.

Noisy and bustling.

Our ramen arrived in minutes with very good edamame and a side of yuzu salt.

...and with a smokey and complex, green iced tea.

Was the ramen as succulent and rich as the soup that's so far away?


Hard to say. It really was delicious.

But come on!  

It’s tough to beat ramen in Japan.


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