Friday, May 16, 2014

you can’t stop us

If there’s a philosophical blunder within internet culture, it’s the belief of a different realm not subject to analog influence.

Meanwhile, government is committed to govern.

Law Enforcement has swarmed online like a swat team taking a crack house, led by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and their social media initiative.

Police infiltration is everywhere.


They share data, forensics and tutorials on the surveillance of everything we do.

Did you know that the Supreme Court is considering whether Police can seize and search your cellphone if you’re arrested?

It’s not all bad news.

Sometimes this hidden presence yields great result, like the return of stolen property on Pinterest.

But some internet users fiercely believe the police have no business watching us here.

So they spoof police presence sending false cries for help, and then slip away into the dark net.

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