Saturday, May 17, 2014

jarring notes

Remember when we pickled fennel in Panela back in March?

Turns out the combination of that dark brown, unrefined sugar and vinegar almost keeps forever. 

So I saved it in the fridge after the fennel was gone. 

And it also turns out I liked that batch better than some other folks. 

It was sweet. Way sweet. And maybe so sweet it was cloying. 

Needed more vinegar.

So with great new jars courtesy of the offspring and super-fresh kirbys from Fairway, I decided to try again. 

With shavings of red onion, this time.

The syrupy liquid didn’t quite top it off.

So I finished it with more cider vinegar to cut the panela, and with more brown mustard seed.

We’ll find out what we’ve got in about a week.

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