Monday, May 5, 2014

back in the Chips

Actor Erik Estrada, born in east Harlem and riding a Kawasaki, put the California Highway Patrol on the map in 1977.

He returned in 1998 for a TV reunion movie, but this time riding a Beemer.

New York cops ride Harley Davidson...

...but BMW is the gentleman’s express around the world. 
I found this BMW cop cruiser in Sydney, Australia.

But now the Arizona Highway Patrol is trying something different, and not for the reasons you’d expect.

They claim moving to the Victory “Stealth” is a cost cutting measure, but price reveals this may not be the real reason.

BMW’s are old-school-sensible, like Van Heusen slacks or NPR radio.

The Victory is "not like any other police bike,” 
says Arizona Officer Bradley Clifford. 

“It almost looks like a Transformer 
or something a superhero might ride!”

They are switching to look more awesome.


“All of that flat black really garners a lot of attention.” Clifford enthused.

Could this be Erik’s next ride?


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