Wednesday, March 12, 2014

old school guidance counseling

In a ruling that should encourage teachers, 

the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled a state law against sexually explicit online communication between an adult and a minor violates First Amendment free speech rights.

That means it's cool, it's not unlawful. 

After 688 sext messages and semi-naked selfies between 31 year old teacher Sean Arlis Williams and his 13 year old female student, police eventually arrested him on a charge of online solicitation and an improper relationship with a minor.

Their sexts discussed walking around naked, dreaming about each other, her virginity and keeping the relationship secret until she graduated.

But guess what? 
The court did not agree and let him go free. Why?

“Sexual expression that is indecent but not obscene is constitutionally protected in Texas by the First Amendment” 
They dismissed the case on February 10th.

Williams’ teaching certificate also remains valid until July 2017 when he comes up for recertification.

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