Sunday, February 16, 2014

truth behind the veil

The British countryside is bucolic and I’ve loved racing around, dodging sheep along the channel.

But trouble is brewing in the east end of London and it appears to be growing worse.

The British people are struggling against their own common sense to provide an accommodating culture for Islam. 

They are failing.

Islam is not seeking a place to call home. 

The Qur’an requires domination.

Now Anjem Choudary is calling for violence and British Muslims are doing his bidding.


Choudary is a 47 year old Pakistani extremist undermining the British rule of law.

He praised the hijackers of 9/11 and got himself banned from France.

Last May two of his followers hacked an off-duty soldier to death with meat cleavers. 

They dragged his body parts into the street declaring revenge for Brits in the Middle East.

Another convert named Jordan Horner assaulted men for having a drink and demanded a young couple stop holding hands in public. 

He blocked them with his car until they let go.

“This is a Muslim area!” he insisted, and so the courts slapped him with an “Anti-Social Behavior Order”.

If you are thinking there is a solution to this, I suspect, perhaps, you are wrong.

Extremists don't back down 
because moderates won't denounce them. 

Nothing personal. Religion requires it.

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  1. it will stop when their women stop it. Islamic women need to rise up.