Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the face of all that’s wrong

30 years ago drunken driving was dismissed with a wink,
 but we’ve come to our senses since then. 

Had his addiction been alcohol and he plowed his car into kids, instead of a tribute tonight he’d be the face of all that’s wrong with our indulgent, celebrity culture.

Hoffman’s three young children are no less shattered
 than had he run over them while driving drunk.


Our society matures and our priorities improve when we no longer lionize people who harm others while addicted to drugs.


  1. Yet we're on the verge of legalizing weed because we see no connection to heroin. LOL

  2. It's a fact. Nearly 97% of all heroin users acknowledge they started as an infant on breast milk.

  3. breast milk? whatever gets you high Gregory. LOL