Wednesday, February 12, 2014

game. set. match.

By now you’ve probably heard that yesterday was a big day for the internet.

The usual guys like the EFF and Public Knowledge helped to sponsor a day of open protest.

People who are fed up with being watched online had their day to make this clear.

Some just want the same privacy they now have in their home.

Others intend to keep on stealing digital stuff.

But whatever your reasons, sponsors set up an easy, one-click form to effortlessly lodge a protest.

You clicked right?

You called or sent an email to protect your online privacy. 


That’s what the NSA is counting on, actually.

In fact, with notices posted all over the internet they logged just over 237,000 total protests in 24 hours.

.00075% of the country. 

Like the size of one small midwestern town.

The NSA has this well played, methinks.

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