Saturday, February 1, 2014

are you vealin’ it?


Some folks might be tempted to name this baby calf.

I’d prefer to eat him. 
Veal calves are delicious, so let’s braise a young veal breast. 

The breast is a very inexpensive cut of meat because it is fatty and full of cartilage and bone, but oh, so full of flavor.
It comes from just behind the front legs and continues to the rack of chops.

It's that gelatinous cartilage that informs the silky gravy these critters can produce. Start with shallots and mushrooms and thyme.

I have clarified goosefat onhand from Christmas, so I’ll use this glorious fat to brown the shallots.

Now sear the meat on all sides until it is also brown and crispy.

Put it all into the pot with some thyme...

...and then dump a bottle of pinot grigio on it. Or any white wine that’s not too sweet.

Carrots will add sweetness, but not until about an hour before serving.

I also added about a pint of homemade chicken stock, then covered it and set it to simmer gently for about three or four hours. 

Then the carrots and mushrooms go in for another hour or so. 

That’s it. It falls apart.


The gelatin in that young rack thickens the sauce naturally to a wine and thyme-scented, white gravy.

Just roast a few winter potatoes, and you are good to go.
 To everything, there is a season. ing. 

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