Friday, October 4, 2013

sea span

Sanjō Ōhashi (三条大橋) or “The Sanjo Bridge”,
 spans the Kamo River in Kyoto as it finds its way to the sea.

Kyoto is so old historians don’t actually know when the first bridge was built in this location.

Sanjo Bridge in the 1830’s

Kyoto has records of a repair in 1590. 
So it was already old by then.

This bridge is renowned in Kyoto for still displaying original giboshi (擬宝珠), the onion-shaped copper tops on the posts.

This current version of Sanjō Ōhashi was built in 1950.

It has also been repaired several times. 
Note the inset wooden patch.

Japanese shinto believes that man, our spirit and the natural aspects of our lives-- like rivers-- exist together as one.

If something stands in your way, build a bridge.

and have a great weekend.

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