Sunday, June 23, 2013

not exactly dancing in the dark!

The summer solstice is a really big deal in Scandinavia. 

You’d celebrate it too, if your Summer was no longer than an eyeblink.

Last Friday was the longest day of the year; the sun didn’t set until 8:31.

So the Swedes turned out in droves to wear flowers in their hair and eat and drink and dance around. 

It happens each year in Battery Park, in the shadow of the new Freedom Tower.

It was crowded! 
People were milling about, in line for food, 
making head wreaths full of flowers.

There were a lot of good looking food choices, too. We waited in the RedRooster line for Marcus Samuelsson’s meal. It was very, very good.


Tiny corn chips filled with guacamolé, cubes of grav lax and little slivers of red onion, served with red beet and dill potato salad on the side and all washed down with beer, naturally.

The dessert was excellent, too, yellow cake with a pastry cream base and topped with a fresh berry compote.

So if drinking and dancing is your cup of tea, this might be your celebration.

But if you like to wait, to drink after sundown...

this just may not be your day! :-)

Hope you had a good one!

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